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I Started In This Industry, Like Many, As An Employee Of A Moving Service. By Having An Athletic Background, The Physical Part Quickly Appealed To Me. However, The Unique Challenge Of Each Personalized Project And The Art Of Carefully Placing Each Individually Important Piece of Your Life's Puzzle Together For Safe Transport is The Part I Fell In Love With.

After Becoming an Avid and Ambitious Student of Life Size Tetris and Properly Handling People's Material and Sometimes Emotional (Moving Sucks!) Lives, it Became More Personal. 

So I Decided The Best Way To Deliver a Proper Personalized Moving Service BEGINNING TO END Was To Take Matters Into My Own Hands

(Pun Intended).


Kenneth Clarke

Owner - Operator

Every Day I Attempt To Better Myself At Serving You. I Feel Privileged To Take You on As My Personal Client With The Ultimate Goal To Deliver Your Most Satisfying All Around Moving Experience.


The Team

Your New Best Friends

It's Hard To track Us All Down At Once For a Group Photo. We Are All Over The City Serving All of You The Best We Can. Just Look For the Clean Cut Uniformed Athletic Friendly Professional. Pictures Coming Soon!

The Secret

The "Why" and "How"

While I May Be The One There To Pick Up Your Belongings, These Are The Reason I Get Up In The First Place. Your Great Experience is Truly Do To These Three. Thank You to My Lovely Wife and Two Little Ladies.

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Tel: 503-473-7273

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What Are Our Strengths?

A Huge Secret To Our Success of Helping Many Families Relocate

Around Portland and Neighboring Cities, is Each Day We Try To Get Better Than The Day Prior. Compound This Approach Over Several Years and You End Up Pretty Good At It.

We Realized Early On That Each Project Holds Its Own Unique Challenges, Both In Means of The Items Being Handled As Well As Personalizing The Experience To Each Individual Client.

Our Goal Is To Balance Our Professional Skills and Experience With Your Specific Requests and Personality. The Recipe For A Perfect Move. We Do Not Cut Corners, Or Bump Them!

We Ask You If We Are Done, We Don't Tell You We Are,

And We Always Finish With A Detailed Walk-Through To Make Sure Everything is How You Would Like it to be Before We Welcome You Home.

Oh, And Of Course We Cover All Those Other Elaborate Things You've Read Plenty Already About All The Other Guys Say Regarding Experience, Equipment, "We're The Best", They Always Show-up 'No Matter What', etc.

That's Just Our Unspoken STANDARD instead, So I'll Save You Reading it Again.

What Are Our Weaknesses?

Currently Our Single Biggest Weakness We Are Working To Overcome 

Is The Local Overwhelming Commute Around Our City During The Day.

Traffic Has Gotten Unpredictable and Unavoidable.

We Do Our Absolute Best To Schedule Precise and Arrive Punctual.

Most of The Time We Are Very Good About It. 

We Are A Smaller, Family Owned Business, Trying To Serve As Many Of You As Possible.

That Means We Are Limited On City-Wide Crews Due To

Me Being So Particular About Who I Allow To Come Into Your Home To Serve You.

Therefore, Since We Are Not A Pop-Up-Dispatch-Day-Labor "Here" Team, We Can't Just Throw Some Random "Dudes" To Your House If an Unseen Variable Delays Us From An Earlier Appointment.

However, What I can Promise is if You Are Scheduled For 3:00 P.M. That Day And By 9:00 A.M. I am Afraid we May be Even A Few Minutes Late, I Will Be Courteous Enough To Keep Clear and Constant Updates From That Moment Forward Until Our Arrival.

Until We Can Control Every Variable That Can Cause Delays, We Will Continue Open Communication and Improved Scheduling To Make Every Step as Seamless As Possible.

Thanks! I Will Reach Out To You Personally Soon. Help is One Step Closer!

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